Saturday, October 22, 2011

Links to More RILS

Emergent Technology:
How are 21st Century Educators Using Emergent Technology in the Classroom?

21st Century educators everywhere are exploring new ways to integrate the use of technology into their lessons. Some of my colleagues are designing interesting projects, and using emerging technologies in creative, unexpected ways. These are called Relevant Innovative Learning Scenarios, or RILS.

Check out the RILS that some teachers are implementing!

Sahpreem is using an awesome tool for his early elementary age students to help them improve their story telling and reading comprehension. StoryJumper allows you to create a digital story using their proprietary artwork, your own artwork, or photos you upload. Check out his documentary and my comments here on

Amanda found a tool that does the reverse of StoryJumper, described above. This tool called StoryBird used pictorial prompts to inspire storytelling. I love the idea of giving students a beautiful illustration and letting their imaginations go wild to craft a story that goes with it. This creative teacher found a way to utilize this tool to teach grammar for her older elementary age students. Check out her documentary and my comments here on

Kristen discovered a unique way to use Voki to engage her at-risk high school seniors in Illinois. Click here to see my comments on her blog, Kristen's Korner. Scroll to the end of her post to see her documentary on what she and her students accomplished. It's really amazing!

Cyndee is exploring ways to use Wordle world clouds with her adult learners. They used Facebook to share, comment on, and reflect on their results. Great job, Cyndee. Click here to see her documentary and read my comments on her blog, Cyndee's Communication Center.

Rodolfo is using a free, online music studio called Soundation with his Recording Engineering students in Puerto Rico. They also compared and contrasted this tool with similar tools. Take a look here to read my comments on his blog, The Sword and the Book, to view how he applied this emergent technology. ¡Muy buen trabajo, Rodolfo!

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